Aerospace Metal Finishers is proud to be part of the Dontaur Group and was established in 2002 to meet the needs for a high-quality metal finishing facility offering customers a quick reliable turnaround time with consistent quality. The wet processing plant is equipped with the best technology. Extraction, filtration and effluent treatments plants meet all current and future environmental directives and Legislation.

AMF is staffed by a handpicked team of people, fully trained and certificated to the highest standards in the metal finishing business. AMF's mission is to provide a consistent, fast, reliable service supplying a quality finished product that satisfies the customer's needs and meets with specification requirements. AMF provide its customers with a frequently updated information package ensuring they are aware of the progress of their components through the process.

⦁ Aerospace Metal Finishers was founded in 2002 with a vision of becoming one of the world’s leading special process finishing companies for the Aerospace Industry.
⦁ In 2003 we gained our first Prime approvals with Bombardier
⦁ In 2008 we gained approval for Boeing
⦁ In 2010 we gained approval for Airbus UK and then Airbus Germany in 2015
⦁ In 2014 we gained approval for MOOG Aerospace
⦁ In 2016 we gained Safran Aircelle approval
⦁ In 2016 we were awarded with the ADS SC21 Bronze Award
⦁ By 2020 we aim to hold BAE special process approval


Aerospace Metal Finishers Ltd are confident that the Quality Systems employed in our NDT/Surface Treatments Processing Complex are among the best to be found within the Global Aerospace Industry.

The Quality Systems and Environmental Systems within AMF Ltd are audited rigorously by the British Standards Institute Bi-Annually to ensure that they are sustaining and improving upon where possible.

All the Processes throughout the Chemical Processing / NDT Complex are audited in-depth Annually by the Performance Review Institute to ensure that we are sustaining the Quality Standard set by the NADCAP Management Council to retain the NADCAP accreditations in Chemical Processing and NDT.

All Personnel within AMF Ltd are fully trained and approved within the Company Approval System; additionally, NDT personnel are fully trained and approved by external bodies and by the prime contractors.

There is also a team of qualified Internal auditors within the Chemical Processing / NDT Complex performing some 27 Internal audits each year to ensure that the high-quality standard is being sustained and improved upon where possible.

AMF Ltd Approved Laboratory is also manned by professionally qualified personnel and is equipped to carry out testing in accordance with the customers specifications plus support the in-house process control of the Chemical Processing Complex.

Company Approvals
AS9100 Rev C, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, NADCAP Management Council In accordance with SAE Aerospace, Standard AS7003 in Chemical Processing and NDT, SC21 Bronze Award

Customer Approvals
Bombardier Aerospace, Airbus, Safran Aircelle, Boeing, Moog, Thales Air Defence, GE Aerospace, GKN Aerospace


AMF carry out a wide range of processes and endeavour to keep control of these with extensive in-house testing facilities. These processes include:

⦁ Magnetic Flaw Detection (MFD)

⦁ Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (PFD) (Water Washable & Post Emulsification)

⦁ Hardness Testing

⦁ Electrical Conductivity

⦁ Hard Anodising

⦁ Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising

⦁ Chromic Acid Anodising

⦁ Sulphuric Acid Anodising (Colouring Available)

⦁ Titanium Pickle

⦁ Boric / Sulphuric Acid Anodising

⦁ Conversion Coating (Alocrom 1000 & 1200)

⦁ Passivation of Stainless Steels

⦁ Pre-PFD Etch (Aluminium, Titanium & Steel)

⦁ Dry Abrasive Blasting

⦁ Glass bead and Aluminium oxide

⦁ Plastic bead


⦁ Dry Film Lubricant

⦁ Heat resistant coating

⦁ Fuel tank coating

⦁ Anti-fret paint

⦁ Epoxy and polyurethane

Identification of Parts (Inkjet Marking, Electro Chemical Etch, Vibro Etch & Bag and Tag) with the option of a clear coat over varnish

⦁ Taber Abrasive Testing

⦁ Taber Abrasive Testing

⦁ Salt Spray Corrosive Resistance Testing

⦁ Coating Thickness Testing

⦁ Paint Thickness & Adhesion Testing (Wet & Dry)

⦁ Chemical Analysis of in-house Chemical Processing Solutions(Sulphates, Chlorides, pH, Titrations etc)

⦁ Shot Peening (via subcon)

⦁ Shot Peening (via subcon)

⦁ Aluminium coating (via subcon)

⦁ De-embrittlement (via subcon)

⦁ Stress relief (via subcon)



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